How to pull down a remote branch from Github

You clone a repo that has a bunch of branches. But when you type $ git branch in the terminal you don’t see the branches.

So you type $ git branch -a in the terminal and now you see the remote branches but you can’t access them.

Let’s say one remote branch looks like this:


Then do this:

$ git checkout -b pages origin/pages

Then if you look inside using the terminal with $ ls, you should see all the files that were inside that branch.

Fix Markdown Preview not working in Atom

Here’s how I fixed Markdown not working.

It was a conflict with the Emmet package.
I found out that this was a conflict using cmd + . keyboard shortcut
That let me know that in the file emmet.cson there was a conflict with ctrl-shift-m that is used to merge lines.
I don’t use that in emmet so I just commented it out (placed a # at the beginning of the line)
It still didn’t work.
I shut down atom and restarted and then ctrl+shift+m showed a preview of markdown.

Style Your Chrome Console in 14 simple steps.

  1. Open Your Chrome browser
  2. Browse to this URL chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments

Developer Tools experiments

  1. Enable Developer Tools experiments
  2. Restart Chrome Browser
  3. Open Chrome browser
  4. Open Chrome Dev Tools cmd + opt + j
  5. Click Settings


  1. Check Allow custom UI themes under Experiments
  2. Restart Chrome browser
  3. Open Chrome Dev Tools cmd + opt + j
  4. Choose Author Settings in the Chrome Inspector tabs
  5. Choose your theme (try Material Dark)
  6. Restart Chrome
  7. Open Chrome Dev Tools cmd + opt + j

You should see something cool like this:

cool theme