Style Your Chrome Console in 14 simple steps.

  1. Open Your Chrome browser
  2. Browse to this URL chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments

Developer Tools experiments

  1. Enable Developer Tools experiments
  2. Restart Chrome Browser
  3. Open Chrome browser
  4. Open Chrome Dev Tools cmd + opt + j
  5. Click Settings


  1. Check Allow custom UI themes under Experiments
  2. Restart Chrome browser
  3. Open Chrome Dev Tools cmd + opt + j
  4. Choose Author Settings in the Chrome Inspector tabs
  5. Choose your theme (try Material Dark)
  6. Restart Chrome
  7. Open Chrome Dev Tools cmd + opt + j

You should see something cool like this:

cool theme

Fix for terrible Beep Sound in atom when cmd + ctrl + down arrow

If this is driving you nuts, here’s a quick fix

As a temporary workaround, create the following file at ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict (or add these entries to the existing file):

    "^@\UF701" = "noop:";
    "^@\UF702" = "noop:";
    "^@\UF703" = "noop:";

source for fix (thanks nathansobo)

Start Vim-Mode in Atom in Insert Mode

I needed to look this up and just wanted to save people time if they had the same issue.

Vim-Mode in Atom by default opens files in Command mode. I like to open files in Insert mode so I can quickly start typing.

This is easily accomplished inside the vim-mode package settings.

Just check the Start In Insert Mode checkbox.