Remove Archives and Meta from WordPress sidebar

Remov­ing this can drive you nuts. You could just go into sidebar.php but there is an eas­ier no-code way. Just drop another wid­get (Select­ing Wid­gets under Appear­ance) and that will do the trick. If you don’t want any­thing in the side­bar just drag an empty text box into the Wid­gets and you’ll be good to go.

Add Captcha to WordPress

To be hon­est, I hate Captcha. How many times have filled in forms and I was greeted with these strange forms? What is that let­ter? Did I type it cor­rectly? Darn! I didn’t. Now I have new strange char­ac­ters that I have to deci­pher. This blows.

So why did I add this to my blog? I had to. I was get­ting tons of emails from strange named peo­ple. I thought they loved my site. I thought I was build­ing a strong fan base with peo­ple that had emails end­ing in ‘pl’. But the sad truth is these peo­ple didn’t care about me. They weren’t even peo­ple. They were unthink­ing and unfeel­ing robots, blindly search­ing pages until they found a form they could fill out. How heartless!

So to stop this, I had to add the dreaded Captcha. The good news is after read­ing this link, it really is simple.

If you need to add Captcha, now you can. Just please don’t tell any­one I was the one that told you because I still want peo­ple to think I hate Captcha.