Sublime Text 2 Kick Start

I’m going to try and keep this page as a one stop shop for get­ting up and run­ning with ST2. It’s a work in progress, so please bare with me. Also let me know if I for­got some­thing or need to add something.

note: Use this key sym­bol chart for under­stand­ing the mac shortcuts

action key­board shortcut(mac) key­board shortcut(pc) spe­cial notes
show/hide side­bar cmd + k, cmd + b ctrl + k, ctr + b This is a two key shortcut
paste code for­mat­ted as you coded it cmd + shift + v

? I like this. Instead of copy and past­ing and then hav­ing to indent, use this and you won’t have to waste time indenting
com­mands list cmd + shift + p ctrl + shift + p
multi-cursor cmd + click ctrl + click every­where you click you get a new cursor!
switch project ctrl + cmd + K read this to see why this is useful
Jump­ing to symbols cmd + P ctrl + P To quickly jump to spe­cific sym­bols. Type short­cut to open up a search field. Type in your sym­bol and press enter.
Quick Open­ing File  shift + cmd + T (low­er­case L) shift + ctrl + T(low­er­case L) Super Awe­some Fea­ture. Open a textfield that lets you search for files within a project to open. You’ll rarely ever have to use the file tree again.
multi-cursor ‘and 1′ (aka ‘select sim­i­lar word’) cmd + d ctrl + d to select addi­tional occur­rences of that word
multi-cursor ‘on steroids’ ctrl + cmd + g alt + f3 selects every occur­rence of what you have high­lighted (my per­sonal favorite!)
go to anything cmd + p ctrl + p After typ­ing short­cut, type a part of your file and it finds it fast
minify css/js f7 f7 Install the YUI Com­pres­sor plugin
auto com­ple­tion ctrl + space ctrl + space
switch between open tabs  ctrl + tab Hate using your mouse and click­ing on open tabs? Use this short­cut and you can quickly nav­i­gate between tabs with­out a mouse.
open last closed file cmd + shift + t ctrl + shift + t If you acci­den­tally close a file that you’d like to reopen, If you keep press­ing that key combo, ST2 will con­tinue open­ing tabs in the order that you closed them.
go to spe­cific line ctrl + g ctrl + g
splits screen alt+shift+1,2,3,4,5 Splits screen for mul­ti­ple views for mul­ti­ple files
Jump­ing between word segments cmd+right arrow ctrl+right arrow you move by word seg­ment — this is camel-case (and under­score) aware.
find and replace shift + cmd + F shift + ctrl + F search the con­tents of an entire ST project
Jumpling between words/lines alt + arrow keys alt + arrow keys On Macs and PCs, if you hold down Alt while using the arrow keys, you jump between words rather than char­ac­ters. On Macs, Sim­i­larly, if you hold down Cmd while using arrow keys, you jump from the oppo­site end of a line. Very use­ful for quickly nav­i­gat­ing code with­out your mouse.
find cmd + f ctrl + f
dupli­cate line cmd + shift + d shift + ctrl + d Dupli­cates the cur­rent line, or the selec­tion, if some­thing is selected.
delete cur­rent line cmd + shift + k + delete ctrl + shift + k
tog­gle full view ctrl + shift + f
tog­gle dis­trac­tion free mode ctrl + shift + cmd + f shift + f11 If you are using a PC and this key­board short­cut isn’t work­ing — read this.
tog­gle comment cmd + /
tog­gle block comment opt + cmd + /
show con­sole opt + ` ctrl + ` back­tic is and same key has tilda ~ (keys peo­ple see a lot but don’t know)
wrap with tag opt + shift + w alt + shift + w high­light what you want wrapped and presto, it’s wrapped!
move line ctrl + cmd + up/down ctrl + shift + up/down
zen coding(plugin) ctrl + option + return ctrl + alt + enter you will see koan box appear on bot­tom (enter zen cod­ing there)
Note: You should remove Zen Cod­ing and Upgrade to Emmet now. Emmet is the new Zen Cod­ing and will be updated. Zen Cod­ing is dead. RIP. The short­cut to get Emmet to wrap around is ctrl + shift + g (PC)
AutoFileName(plugin) cmd + spacebar ctrl + spacebar a bet­ter way is to edit the User set­tings file and the file/folder name will be pop­u­lated by typing ‘/’.
AdvancedNewFileName(plugin) cmd + alt + n ctrl + alt + n (if that doesn’t work try shift + ctrl + alt + n a better/faster way to cre­ate folders/files
pre­fixr ctrl + cmd + x ctrl + alt + x just type one pre­fix, use this short­cut and all the oth­ers are mag­i­cally added — awesome!
JsFormat(plugin) cmd + shift + p (and then select Format:JavaScript) ctrl + shift + p (and then select Format:JavaScript) I can’t get the key­board short­cut to work? any ideas/suggestions appreciated

5 thoughts on “Sublime Text 2 Kick Start

  1. Very help­ful post! How­ever on the “show con­sole” short­cut, you have the mac and pc short­cuts mixed up. Also, you have the Ctrl+D short­cut listed twice with two dif­fer­ent titles.

    Other than that, amazing!

  2. Hello,

    I went to your site and trans­lated Pol­ish to Eng­lish but had some prob­lems with the trans­la­tion. I see you are talk­ing about Sub­lime and other edi­tors. Might I sug­gest you start doing some screen­casts? It really helps peo­ple see what you are talk­ing about and I believe it is a great way to learn. Two free sites I are and You could also down­load Jing from I did a blog on this.

  3. Hi!
    As many oth­ers I fell in love (he he) with Sub­lime Text. But also in the begin­ning (as many oth­ers) could not start off with it in a con­ve­nient way; I think it’s quite nor­mal and obvi­ous when adopt­ing to a new app.
    What I missed was lack of a chart like yours! I appre­ci­ate your effort, thank you!
    It’s a great job and I’m sure it’s very help­ful for all the starters and SL lovers :)
    Keep up good work!

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