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Humans are being pushed to the brink with stuff they are sup­posed to remem­ber. Well, don’t fret because there is no way can remem­ber it all. Take all those mem­ory courses you want but at the end of the day, you’ll prob­a­bly be more pro­duc­tive if you just accept that mem­o­riza­tion is a waste of time. All you need to know is where to find the answer when you hear the ques­tion. If you do you’ll be suc­cess­ful in this world that seems to bom­bard us with tech­nol­ogy every chance it gets. Fight back with cheat sheets.

PC to Mac: Transformitis: The Delete key vs the Backspace key

I type XXXXX this sen­tence and notice that for some strange rea­son I have ‘XXXXX’ in my sen­tence. I need to delete it. On a PC, I place my cur­sor before the XXXXX and delete away. But on a Mac it deletes back­wards. This minor dif­fer­ence was killing me. Maybe it’s my old age.

I found out if I hold the func­tion key, it works like a charm and deletes for­ward (when I hold it down and press the delete key!).

Other miss­ing PC keys (great to remove them from the Mac key­board because it frees up space and clut­ter). can be found at this very help­ful lit­tle blog post.

None of my function keys (F1F12) work with the exception of the ESC key. They worked fine yesterday, but now they don’t. How can I remedy this?

I was using Dreamweaver and my F keys were not work­ing. It really was a pain. I found the solu­tion and it was rather silly.

Check to see if you have a F Lock Key in the upper right-hand side of your Keyboard.

(this is what the F Lock Key looks like)

I acci­den­tally pressed the F lock key. I just pressed it again and the uni­verse was one again.