Which wireless encryption protocol is the best?

Setting up a wire­less router can be a process that slowly dri­ves you insane. There are a few choices out there with regards to wire­less encryp­tion.
Do not use WEP.
Do not use WPA.
Always use WPA2.
In time even WPA2 will be out­dated and a new pro­to­col will be rec­om­mended.
Right now. Just use WPA2.

Here is an arti­cle giv­ing you all the gory details of why you should do this.

iCloud can be hazardous to your health

Just a few years ago just the mere thought of stor­ing your whole life online (aka ‘in the cloud’) was unthink­able. Speed, secu­rity and pri­vacy were the major con­cerns. Now ‘the cloud’ has become the cool place to hang out. We are putting every­thing we own online. Even with large com­pa­nies like Sony (3 times!), Cit­i­group, Linkedin, Yahoo and ehar­mony get­ting hacked, we still have trust in ‘the cloud’.

I have to admit, stor­ing pass­words online with a pro­gram like Last­Pass is lots of fun. I use Drop­box and GoogleDrive every day and these apps have made my online life so much more enjoy­able. That being said, here is one of the hor­ror sto­ries of ‘the cloud’ that took place on ‘the iCloud’.

Be care­ful my friends. Be very, very careful.