Create Folders and Files Super Fast in Sublime Text 2 (ST2)

As you search the web for short­cuts on ST2, you are just sav­ing your self 5 sec­onds here and 5 sec­onds there. You might think ‘what’s the big deal’? Well over a month when you are work­ing on cod­ing 8 hours a day, you will save your­self hours of time.

This will show you how to quickly cre­ate fold­ers and files:

Here’s the Plu­gin name: Sublime-AdvancedNewFile
Here’s where you can find it:

Screencast: How to use Multi-cursors with Sublime Text 2

This is some­thing I never used in any of my pre­vi­ous IDEs like Dreamweaver but multi-cursors are some­thing that you will grow to love in their func­tion­al­ity. After a cou­ple uses you will ques­tion how you ever got on with­out them.

So here is a less then 3 minute video that will show you how easy and pow­er­ful multi-cursors are.

Screencast: How to use Multi-cursors with Sublime Text 2

The short­cuts

To enable multi-selection, you have sev­eral options:

  • Press Ctrl + click (Mac is Cmd + click) in each region where you require a cursor.
    • this adds cur­sors wher­ever you click
  • Select a block of lines and then press Shift + Com­mand + L.
    • adds cur­sors after your high­lighted block
      • use the right arrow on key­board to start typ­ing after high­lighted block (and not erase what is highlighted)
  • Place the cur­sor over a par­tic­u­lar word, and press Control/Command + D repeatedly
    • to select addi­tional occur­rences of that word.
  • Alt+F3 on Win­dows, (or Ctrl+Command+G on the Mac)
    • adds an addi­tional cur­sor at all occur­rences of a word by typ­ing Amaz­ing!!
      • my per­sonal favorite

If you know of addi­tional ways to use mutli-cursors, please share in the com­ments below.

Sub­lime Kick­start (a col­lec­tion of resources to help you quickly get com­fort­able with ST2)

Happy cod­ing.