HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills

As stated on github:

So here we’re col­lect­ing all the shims, fall­backs, and poly­fills in order to implant html5 func­tion­al­ity in browsers that don’t natively sup­port them.

The gen­eral idea is that: we, as devel­op­ers, should be able to develop with the HTML5 apis, and scripts can cre­ate the meth­ods and objects that should exist. Devel­op­ing in this future-proof way means as users upgrade, your code doesn’t have to change but users will move to the bet­ter, native expe­ri­ence cleanly.

Look­ing for a way to con­di­tion­ally load these scripts client-side based on fea­ture detects? See Mod­ern­izr. Look­ing for a guide to writ­ing your own poly­fills? See Writ­ing Cross-Browser JavaScript Poly­fills.

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