6 thoughts on “Learn jQuery in 30 days (for FREE!)

  1. I just watched day 1’s video. It was great. The nar­ra­tor was using Sub­lime Text 2. I also found a great site for Sub­lime Text 2 short­cuts. Ctrl + space­bar is a life­saver (it com­pletes the line) and Ctrl + Shift + D will dupli­cate a line. More short­cuts can be found here. https://gist.github.com/1207002 (I know I am com­mented on my own blog but some­body has to, right?)

  2. Thanks for the Share Phil!

    Nar­ra­tor is very easy to under­stand, although i would not nec­es­sar­ily rec­om­mend for com­plete begin­ners as it ref­er­ences a lot of terms..but this actu­ally com­pli­ments the “Cod­ing Acad­emy” pro­gram­ming site. Direct link Here Or view Phils Post Here

    Nonethe­less, first video was good very informative!

  3. Thank you for the share. Tut­splus binds you in the sense that you can­not afford to miss a day but codea­cad­emy takes care of that.

    I’m proud to be part of a com­mu­nity of pro­fes­sional where shar­ing infor­ma­tion and tools is looked up to.

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